Water Tank Design Drawing (Structure)

Alongside the manufacturing of the water storage tank system, our team of engineers also provide all necessary structural and water tank drawings (AutoCAD) for the required applications. We are proud to be able to work alongside dedicated consultants and engineers from other companies in order to provide a convenient and all-in-one water storage tank solution.

Water Tank Manufacturing & Installation

We provide an A-Z (Supply & Install) solution to your water storage tank requirements. After confirmation, our factory personnel will begin manufacturing your customised water storage tank(s) which typically takes 3-4 weeks to complete. From the factory, delivery and installation will ensue, which will take 2-4weeks depending on location and size of the tank(s). During installation, our team of experienced project engineers will be ensuring the standards of “Malstore” water tanks are upheld. With a total time required of only approximately 2 months, we can give significant savings in time and labour costs to the client.

Water Storage General Consultation

Feel free to contact us for general enquiries related to your water storage requirements or questions. Our friendly staff will be proud to answer your enquiries however able.