Founded in 2002, the fundamental principle behind our circular bolted tanks is the introduction of WALL-lined HDPE layer, using only long established and proven technologies to ensure that a reliable and durable liquid storage system is achieved. The tank design which separates the liquid medium by use of a monolithic HDPE Liner from the galvanised tank shell is a revolutionary concept which has proven itself throughout the years. Improvements and design changes such as the introduction of single cast RingBeam(2010), Fusion Autoweld (2011), Multilayer HDPE (2014), and even new coating systems such as industrial polyurea coatings were also implemented on our all new tank designs. The drive being to replace conventional bolted tanks with gaskets joints (FRP, Pressed-Steel, Glass-Fused, Galvanised, etc) as well as Reinforced Concrete Tanks.

MALSTORE water tanks are manufactured and supported by a team of highly professional, dedicated engineers with over 25 years of combined experience. Each enquiry for liquid storage requirement is carefully considered to ensure that the most suitable and economical solution is proposed to our customers. With the wealth of experience behind our team of engineers, we are able to meet customer's requirements with creative and practical solutions.


Our objective is to provide our customers with a quality assured, cost effective liquid storage system with proven technologies and materials to ensure guaranteed reliability and low maintenance. Call us for your liquid storage requirements. Our team of dedicated professionals will endeavour to offer solutions to the highest standards of quality and value for money.